Air News Analysis May
This is a collection of AIR spotlight news analysis 2016 segregated month wise.. Month of May news..



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All India Radio Repository
Date Topic Importance Audio File
01-05-2015 Relaxation in MAT Neutral Play Audio
02-05-2015 Performance of Infrastructural ministries Important Play Audio
03-05-2015 46th dada saheb falke Neutral Play Audio
04-05-2015 media reporting on sensitive issues Important Play Audio
05-05-2015 real estate bill Important Play Audio
06-05-2015 challenges in rescue operation in nepal Important Play Audio
07-05-2015 Amendments to whistleblower protection act Important Play Audio
08-05-2015 Need for protection of sportsperson Neutral Play Audio
09-05-2015 Social security schemes Important Play Audio
10-05-2015 India Russia Ties Important Play Audio
11-05-2015 verdict on jayalalita case Important Play Audio
12-05-2015 Black money in foreign banks Important Play Audio
13-05-2015 PM three nation visit- china mangolia and south korea Neutral Play Audio
14-05-2015 India china relations Important Play Audio
15-05-2015 India china agreements Important Play Audio
16-05-2015 Expectation from PM Mangolia visit Neutral Play Audio
17-05-2015 Expectation from PM South Korea visit Neutral Play Audio
18-05-2015 India south korea relations Important Play Audio
19-05-2015 Kejriwal vs LG Neutral Play Audio
20-05-2015 Interview with Arun Jaitley Neutral Play Audio
21-05-2015 Interview with Menaka Gandhi MoWCD Neutral Play Audio
22-05-2015 Prospect of third front in indian politics Not required Play Audio
23-05-2015 Interview with Venkaiayah naydu MoUHPA Neutral Play Audio
24-05-2015 full statehood to delhi Not required Play Audio
25-05-2015 PM address on 1 year of completion of govt Important Play Audio
26-05-2015 1 year of NDA govt Important Play Audio
27-05-2015 1 year of energy sector Important Play Audio
28-05-2015 Prgress in road and highway sector Important Play Audio
29-05-2015 Reservation politics and its impact Important Play Audio
30-05-2015 One rank one pension scheme Important Play Audio
31-05-2015 Mann ki baat Neutral Play Audio

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