Air News Analysis march 16
Run through all important topics covered this year via our AIR Repository of March-16



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Missed the News Analysis on AIR?

Run through all important topics covered this year via our AIR Repository.

Candidates appearing in Interview/Prelims 2016 must strive to cover at least the important ones.

All India Radio Repository
Date Topic Importance Audio File
01-03-2016 Need of effective financial management for good governance neutral Play Audio
02-03-2016 Issues regarding tax proposal on epf neutral Play Audio
03-03-2016 PM on reply on motion of thanks neutral Play Audio
04-03-2016 Setu Bharatam project Important Play Audio
05-03-2016 Settling NPA in Public sector Banks important Play Audio
06-03-2016 Representation of women in democratic institution important Play Audio
07-03-2016 Preparation for T20 cricket world cup not important Play Audio
08-03-2016 International womens day important Play Audio
09-03-2016 Bad debt crisis in Public sector Banks Important Play Audio
10-03-2016 issues related to real estate sector neutral Play Audio
11-03-2016 traffic updates on national highway through radio not important Play Audio
12-03-2016 Economic policy challenges in asia neutral Play Audio
13-03-2016 action against wilful defautlters important Play Audio
14-03-2016 RSS resolution on education not important Play Audio
15-03-2016 government bans harmful drugs neutral Play Audio
16-03-2016 constitutional amendment to revise SC list neutral Play Audio
17-03-2016 adhaar bill important Play Audio
18-03-2016 sufism in india neutral Play Audio
19-03-2016 Satluj Yamuna link canal neutral Play Audio
20-03-2016 US-Cuba relations neutral Play Audio
21-03-2016 challenges in eradicating tb neutral Play Audio
22-03-2016 Access to clean water for sustainable development important Play Audio
23-03-2016 strenthening telecom services in north east neutral Play Audio
24-03-2016 time bound public grievance redressal important Play Audio
25-03-2016 Govt formation in J&K not important Play Audio
26-03-2016 water problem in maharashtra and karnataka neutral Play Audio
27-03-2016 PM mann ki baat neutral Play Audio
28-03-2016 Defence expo not important Play Audio
29-03-2016 PM three nation visit neutral Play Audio
30-03-2016 NOT AVAILABLE not important NA
31-03-2016 Role of UN in combating international terrorism important Play Audio

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