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All India Radio Repository
Date Topic Importance Audio File
01-06-2015 Expectation from PM bangladesh visit Neutral Play Audio
02-06-2015 RBI monetory policy review Important Play Audio
03-06-2015 PM assurance to Minorities Neutral Play Audio
04-06-2015 Indo Bangladesh relations interview Neutral Play Audio
05-06-2015 India bangladesh relations Important Play Audio
06-06-2015 Interview with MoEF javedkar Neutral Play Audio
07-06-2015 Outcome of PM bangladesh visit Important Play Audio
08-06-2015 Political development in delhi Not required Play Audio
09-06-2015 Centre relief to cane growers Neutral Play Audio
10-06-2015 Union finance minister meeting with psu banks Important Play Audio
11-06-2015 proposed restructuring of railways Important Play Audio
12-06-2015 Nuclear accidental insurance fund Important Play Audio
13-06-2015 significance of Bhutan Bangladesh India Nepal road connectivity Important Play Audio
14-06-2015 Progress of Monsoon Neutral Play Audio
15-06-2015 New initiative for housing for all Important Play Audio
16-06-2015 US federal reserve bench mark interest Neutral Play Audio
17-06-2015 Hooch tradegy in Mumbai Neutral Play Audio
18-06-2015 Interview with jayant sinha Neutral Play Audio
19-06-2015 Significance of Internation yoga day Important Play Audio
20-06-2015 increasing attacks on media person Neutral Play Audio
21-06-2015 attack on afghan parliament Neutral Play Audio
22-06-2015 cancellation of licences of NGOs Important Play Audio
23-06-2015 Govt mega schemes for urban development Important Play Audio
24-06-2015 Drug abuse Important Play Audio
25-06-2015 Srilankan parliament elections Neutral Play Audio
26-06-2015 Mann ki baat Neutral Play Audio
27-06-2015 Greek debt crisis Important Play Audio
28-06-2015 greece crisis and euro zone Important Play Audio

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