BCCI reforms: Centre moves SC against Lodha committee recommendations

BCCI reforms: Centre moves SC against Lodha committee recommendations

  • In a move that flies in the face of the centre’s anti-corruption rhetoric, the government moved the Supreme Court against implementation of the Lodha committee recommendations on administrative reforms in the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).
  • The three members of BCCI, which held full membership earlier, now stand relegated to associate member status without voting rights as per the Lodha committee’s “one state-one vote” recommendation.
  • It is shocking that the centre should protest against the Lodha committee reforms which want to make BCCI accountable.
  • BCCI’s zero transparency is accentuated by the presence of political parties which may affect the commitment to ensure cricket is orderly.
  • The “one state-one vote” policy approved by the apex court in its 18 July 2016 verdict effectively relegated non-territorial members of the board to the status of associate members without voting rights.
  • The policy meant that in states with more than one cricket association, as in the case of Gujarat (Saurashtra, Gujarat and Baroda) and Maharashtra (Mumbai, Maharashtra and Vidarbha), the associations will have voting rights on a “rotational basis”—one at a time.

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