Sessions promises curbs on H-1B visa

Sessions promises curbs on H-1B visa

  • U.S. Attorney General-designate Jeff Sessions told a Senate committee that he would take measures to curtail the “misuse” of H-1B visas, a move that could impact Indian IT companies that use them in large numbers.
  • He has been in the forefront of a campaign against the H-1B programme, and as AG, he will be able to interfere with it in several ways.
  • The H-1B visa programme is Congressionally mandated and U.S. courts have held that hiring cheaper foreign workers is maintainable under the law.
  • The executive branch can bring pressure on the programme without changing the law, as its execution is dependent on the processing of visa applications involving multiple departments.
  • Moreover, there is an increasing consensus among lawmakers to bring some sort of curbs on the programme.
  • There are bills pending on the programme and newly elected Democratic leader in Senate, Chuck Schumer from New York, is a supporter of restrictions on the programme.

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