Corbyn calls for wage cap to combat inequality

Corbyn calls for wage cap to combat inequality

  • Britain’s Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn has called for the introduction of a maximum wage in the U.K. to combat inequality, among other reforms, as he set out his vision to ensure that Britain was “better off” outside the EU in future, pledging for the first time to “accept challenges” that voters had given his party following the referendum, including on immigration.
  • The introduction of a maximum wage cap was necessary to create a more egalitarian society and fund the nation’s public services, pointing to the recent crisis in the National Health Service (NHS).
  • Elaborating on his plans to tackle income disparity, Mr. Corbyn suggested that initiatives to incentivise companies to introduce pay ratios might be an alternative, arguing that the policy would not hit aspiration or opportunities for growth but was about acknowledging that success was a collective effort, whose rewards must be shared.

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